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Caption (L-R): AHFAS members Joe Mendoza, Lou Marotta, Marci Mount, Janet Nolan, Bill Mount, Lance Hubeny, Coral Wasserman and Tim Barnes discuss CPR training and the use of new AEDs gained through a grant from the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation.

The John Taylor Babbitt Foundation provided funding for four new AEDs, along with a matching AED training unit. The AHFAS also funded the purchase of two additional units, all from V.E. Ralph Emergency Medical Products. The devices will be used on all AHFAS frontline emergency response units on land and water, as well as in CPR and AED training for local community groups, recreation department sports coaches and schools.

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AED Donations Are On The Rise- 2013

Bob Herzog, Director of Operations V.E. Ralph & Son, Inc (provider of emergency medical services), providing instruction on the use of AEDs.

There are five new Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) at Trinitas Hospital in Elizabeth this year, courtesy of the John Taylor Babbitt Foundation.

The Foundation made a $4,880 grant to the hospital, which enabled it to purchase five AEDs, including one for Emergency Department lobby and one for the Trinitas Bike Team. The hospital’s Bike Team provides emergency response during local races and walk-a-thons. Two other AEDS are now installed in hospital emergency service vehicles. These vehicles regularly do home visits for heart failure patients recently discharged from the hospital. 

Another device is being set aside for training students. Last year JTB gave Trinitas a grant to purchase practice dummies for its training classes.

Because Trinitas is a first responder for the Newark/Elizabeth region, it was able to purchase the devices at a substantial discount under the state contract rate, according to Abby Nagel, director of Corporate Partnerships.

JTB Foundation has placed 51 AEDS in the past three years and funded 29 CPR/AED training classes. Last year, two units went to the Summit Library and one unit each to the Cora Hartshorn Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary in Short Hills, the Farmingdale Borough Community Center, and Visitation Academy in Paramus.

To help Koinonia Academy in Plainfield comply with Janet’s Law, JTB purchased three units, two for the school and one to accompany traveling athletic teams. JTB is also underwriting CPR/AED training for faculty and students.

A unit purchased through funds from the Fairfield University Walk With Heart last year was presented September 27 to the University’s Public Safety Department for use in a campus security car.

Automated External Defibrillation Program: A JohnTaylorBabbitt Foundation Guide

The JTB Foundation has just issued an easy-to-use guide for launching  a defibrillator and training program in your town or community.  The guide is for a field installation. Based on our successful initiative in the Chathams, the guide provides a step-by-step program that can save lives by preventing sudden cardiac death through defibrillators and CPR/AED training. 

According to the Red Cross, about 250,000 Americans die of sudden cardiac arrest each year. The Red Cross estimates up to 100,000 of these deaths could be prevented with immediate use of CPR and an AED. Installing well-marked AEDs on the playing fields in the Chathams will ensure that there is a always a defbrillator available where our children play.

The Foundation has prepared an easy-to-use GUIDE to help other communities establish their own DEFIBRILLATOR AND TRAINING PROGRAM. See below for a downloadable copy of our Guide.

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